• Five new names on Crimean sanction list

    Five new names on Crimean sanction list

    brussels May 14, 2018 12:42 Hot Recent News

    Because of their involvement in organizing the Russian presidential elections on the Russian-annexed Crimea, the European Union has put five new names on the sanction list. The five had managerial duties in the election commissions of Crimea or the city of Sevastopol.

  • Putin visits Crimea

    Putin visits Crimea

    sebastopol March 14, 2018 15:42 Hot Recent News

    Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Crimea on Wednesday, the Ukrainian peninsula that was annexed by Russia in March 2014. Putin visited, among other things, the bridge that is being built between the Crimea and the Russian mainland. The president said he hopes the bridge will be ready next summer, rather than planned.

  • Russia places new missiles in Crimea

    moscow January 13, 2018 11:09 Hot Recent News

    Russia has stationed new S-400 anti-aircraft missiles in Crimea according to news media from that country. This action is seen as a new step in the increased tensions between Russia and Ukraine over the disputed peninsula.

  • Russia warns NATO

    Russia warns NATO

    moscow June 15, 2016 16:39 Hot Recent News

    A Russian diplomat, NATO Wednesday warned not to expand their maritime fleet in the Black Sea. Such a strategy would endanger security in the region and worsen ties with Moscow, said Andrei Kelin.

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