• Russia employs 23 British diplomats

    moscow March 17, 2018 09:06 Hot Recent News

    Russia will deploy 23 British diplomats in the short term. The British ambassador Laurie Bristow was summoned by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow on Saturday morning and heard the measure there.

  • Boss after new meat scandal: nothing wrong

    Boss after new meat scandal: nothing wrong

    izegem March 16, 2018 23:45 Hot Recent News

    First there were the horrible images of animal abuse, then the 'Mafia' allegations about Veviba: scandal after scandal smashes the reputation of slaughterhouse group Verbist from West-Flemish Izegem. But manager Louis Verbist claims to the Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad that the organization does not do anything wrong.

  • Pope advocates two-state solution

    vatican city December 25, 2017 13:42 Hot Recent News

    Pope Francis has argued in his Christmas message for a two-state solution to put an end to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The church prince expressed from the balcony of Saint Peter's Basilica the hope that the parties could settle their disputes peacefully.

  • Hollywood establishes anti-abuse committee

    los angeles December 17, 2017 07:03 Hot Recent News

    The entertainment industry in the United States has set up a committee that will fight against sexual harassment in Hollywood. The committee consists of important people from the film and television world.

  • Airline Venezuela on black table

    brussels November 30, 2017 13:36 Hot Recent News

    The Venezuelan airline Avior Airlines is no longer allowed to fly in European airspace. The company has been put on the list of unsafe companies, the European Commission announced.

  • Many millions of Napoleon diamonds

    geneva November 14, 2017 23:12 Hot Recent News

    A nineteen carat diamond that has been in possession of four French kings, four queens, two emperors and two emperors, went to an auction in Swiss Geneva for 14.4 million Swiss francs (12.3 million euros).

  • Louis C.K. apologizes for misconduct

    November 10, 2017 19:18 Hot Recent News

    The American Comic Louis C.K. says that allegations of sexual misconduct are true to him and that he regrets his actions. Three women accused him of masturbation in their presence in The New York Times.

  • Cardinal witnesses in case \u0026 # x27; Deacon of Death \u0026 # x27;

    gent November 9, 2017 12:18 Hot Recent News

    Cardinal Joseph de Kesel of Archdiocese Mechelen-Brussels has been summoned as a witness in a trial against the 'Deacon of Death'. The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium is heard in Ghent in January because of the case against ex-deacon Ivo Poppe. It is suspected of at least ten murders on the elderly.

  • Maria is heading to Puerto Rico

    Maria is heading to Puerto Rico

    miami September 20, 2017 06:03 Hot Recent News

    Hurricane Maria, who is now near Saba and Saint Eustatius, is still in force. The hurricane is already a hurricane of the fifth category and extremely dangerous, but according to the American National Hurricane Center, the latest measurements indicate a Hurricane Hunter plane that wind speeds have increased to 280 kilometers per hour.

  • Dutch tourists tremble for Maria

    Dutch tourists tremble for Maria

    punta cana September 19, 2017 07:24 Hot Recent News

    The latest Hurricane Maria, now Category 5, is heading straight to the popular Dominican resort of Punta Cana. Thursday this busy tourist spot with dozens of luxury hotels is expected to be severely affected.

  • Hoosbuien on arrival on Caribbean islands

    Hoosbuien on arrival on Caribbean islands

    amsterdam September 19, 2017 06:48 Hot Recent News

    In St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius, the long-standing hurricane Maria will cause extremely high precipitation. Weeronline expects the islands to get rain between 150 and 200 millimeters on Tuesday, possibly with more than 300 millimeters in space. That has fallen more than in September in the wettest places in the Netherlands.

  • Hurricane Maria wins power

    Hurricane Maria wins power

    miami September 18, 2017 17:15 Hot Recent News

    The storm Maria has gained strength and is now a hurricane in the third category. Maria is located about 150 kilometers from the Caribbean island of Dominica, reported the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) on Monday.

  • Third protest day St. Louis is restless

    Third protest day St. Louis is restless

    st.louis September 18, 2017 06:00 Hot Recent News

    In the U.S. city of St. Louis, people protest against police violence for the third day in a row. Since a former police officer was released from assassination of a black detainee, it is uneasy in the city. Demonstrators threw windows into which the police decided to expel the crowd.

  • Maria travels to Dominica

    Maria travels to Dominica

    miami September 17, 2017 18:39 Hot Recent News

    The tropical storm Maria, which is likely to grow into hurricane on Sunday, is heading straight to the Caribbean island of Dominica. That is the latest forecast of the American National Hurricane Center.

  • Tourists attacked with hydrochloric acid

    Tourists attacked with hydrochloric acid

    marseille September 17, 2017 15:00 Hot Recent News

    Four American tourists have become victims of an acid attack at the Saint Charles Charles de Gaulle train station in Marseille. The women around 21-21 years were injected with hydrochloric acid in their face. A woman is detained by the police.

  • New hurricane threatens St. Maarten

    New hurricane threatens St. Maarten

    miami September 17, 2017 05:45 Hot Recent News

    A tropical storm called Maria threatens to develop a hurricane in the next 48 hours. For the islands of Saba, Saint Eustatius and St. Maarten, a hurricane warning has been issued, reports the American National Hurricane Center. The area was recently hit by Hurricane Irma.

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