• Leaders Khmer Rouge condemned for genocide

    Leaders Khmer Rouge condemned for genocide

    phnom penh November 16, 2018 05:48 Hot Recent News

    Two senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge were convicted of genocide by a tribunal in Cambodia on Friday. It is the first time that someone has been convicted of genocide from the regime that was in power in the country almost forty years ago.

  • 'Spy' comes free after pardoning king

    'Spy' comes free after pardoning king

    phnom penh September 22, 2018 04:32 Hot Recent News

    An Australian filmmaker who was convicted in Cambodia for espionage was released after he was granted pardon by the king. The 69-year-old James Ricketson was arrested last year when he filmed a demonstration of the opposition with a drone. He was sentenced to six years in prison last month.

  • Is this MH370?

    Is this MH370?

    September 10, 2018 19:32 Hot Recent News

    Is the disappeared Boeing 737 MH370 located in the Cambodian jungle, a few hundred kilometers west of the capital Phnom Penh? The British video editor Ian Wilson thinks so. He spotted the silhouette of an airplane on Google Maps.

  • Cambodia world champion holidays

    Cambodia world champion holidays

    phnom penh April 29, 2018 08:54 Hot Recent News

    Cambodia was already a world record holder with 27 official holidays- the Netherlands has 11- but has continued to compete. The 15 million inhabitants of the kingdom in Southeast Asia are now also free on May 20th.

  • Cambodia is going to tackle majestic lunacy

    Cambodia is going to tackle majestic lunacy

    February 2, 2018 21:06 Hot Recent News

    PHNOM PENH- Cambodia severely punishes majestice, confirmed a government spokesman on Friday. Human rights organizations speak of a dangerous development where freedom of speech is at stake. Neighboring country Thailand already has strict legislation regarding statements or acts that are considered detrimental to the monarchy, with a maximum punishment of fifteen years in prison per violation.

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