Zwerfkat suspected of attempting to kill elderly

World November 13, 2017 10:03

kumamoto - A remarkable police investigation in Japan: a stray cat is the main suspect of a murder attempt on an elderly woman.

Mayuko Matsumoto (82) was found dead dead last week on Monday by her daughter. The woman appeared to be attracted to her face, so her face was covered with blood from twenty cuts. The victim was transferred to the hospital. Her condition is stable, reports local radio station RKK.

'When we found her, her whole face was under the blood. I had no idea how it happened, 'said her daughter. Despite the stable situation of the elderly woman, she is not yet able to talk about the incident.

The facts were serious enough for the police to conduct a murder investigation. The detectives found no indication that someone would have entered Mr Matsumoto's house. Until it turned out that the wounds were inflicted by a cat or a cat.

Then the attention of the detective suddenly went out to the stray cats around Matsumoto's house. 'The police are investigating the blood taken under one of the cats's nails. That could have attacked the victim, 'reports the Japanese broadcaster.

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