Zara Home used weapon Dutch family

Zara Home used weapon Dutch family

World July 5, 2017 07:30

brussels - The Spanish firm Zara Home has to pay compensation for the use of a Dutch family weapon. This ruled a Brussels court, reported the newspaper De Standaard on Wednesday.

The case against Zara Home was inspired by the Belgian designer of the coat of arms, design cutter Patrick Damiaens, and by the Dutch family Odink. Damiaens, to his surprise, saw the same coat of arms on cube-shaped ornamental candles in a French shop of Zara Home.

Damiaens has been given legal protection over a coat of arms over a year. The copyright is based on him, according to the judge. Zara Home has to pay the magistrate the trial costs and pay Damiaens a damages of 7500 euros. The sentence must also be published in the Heraldic Magazine. The Odink family has no copyright and is therefore not entitled to compensation.

According to lawyer Dieter Delarue, this is 'a battle of David against Goliath' and still far beyond. The verdict relates only to these decorative candles in Belgium. Delarue therefore wants to take steps in Zara's headquarters in Spain.

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