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World October 22, 2017 16:12

jerusalem - A Palestinian man was arrested because of a striking translation error. The man wrote 'good morning' on Facebook according to Israeli media. The police mistakenly thought he had posted a threat.

The man shared a photo on the social networking site he was smiling next to a bulldozer. He wished his followers a good morning. That message drew attention because bulldozers were used earlier in attacks.

The police came into action after the comment was automatically translated by Facebook. That made 'good morning' in Arabic 'painful them' in English and 'dropping them' in Hebrew. According to the newspaper Haaretz, the message has not been submitted to an agent speaking Arabic.

The police quickly saw the mistake and left the man again after a couple of hours, a spokeswoman confirmed. The Palestinian did not want to react and has now removed its message, reported The Times or Israel.

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