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san jose - During its WWDC developer conference, Apple has its new versions of its operating systems, including iOS and macOS.

For the Apple Watch, the company is already running version 4 of watchOS. New is that there is a Siri dial, with the company's digital assistant determining what information is important at the time of the wearer.

Also, the Achievement app on the Watch gets new features, such as 'challenges', challenging the wearer to achieve a certain movement goal.

More important for athletes is that it is supported to exchange data with fitness equipment. For example, distances are measured more accurately and the device can keep the heart rate. Of course, the device must support this exchange.

WatchOS4 will be released in the fall.

The latest version of MacOS Mac OS is called High Sierra and is mainly a customized version of the current OS, Sierra.

For example, the speed of web browser Safari is improved, browser blocks that start to play automatically and block advertisers.

The photo app has improved face recognition and more advanced methods available to edit photos.

Underneath the hood is a keypad. Thus, the underlying file system is taken care of, which makes copying large files a lot faster.

In addition, there are significant improvements in graphic display. For example, developers can create content for virtual reality thanks to the Metal 2-developer tools.

Like watchOS, High Sierra comes out in the fall.

According to Apple, iOS 11 is a major update.

Perhaps the most interesting news is the addition of augmented reality in the camera application. It is possible to place virtual objects in the real world. Developers can use these techniques in their own apps because they are embedded in iOS 11.

Furthermore, iMessage is placed in the cloud. Once you install a new Apple device, all the iCloud-linked messages are also loaded onto the new gadget.

Apple Pay- not yet available in the Netherlands- also gets a good update. Users can transfer money to each other via an iMessage app. Received money can be used for payments, but can also be deposited into a bank account.

Speech assistant Siri gets a facelift- almost literally. The voice is being changed to become a human being. But she also gets new possibilities, such as the option to translate sentences directly.

Another important app that gets an update is the camera. For example, videos and photos are more compressed so they take up less space on the phone or tablet.

The photo app gets a lot of new features. For example, it is possible to customize the live photos- pictures that are associated with an animation. For example, it is possible to make a 'walk'.

Control Center- in which users can turn on or turn off the flashlight or wifi- is now fully available on one page so users no longer need to swipe left or right.

Remarkable is the ability to automatically set the phone to a 'do not worry' mode while driving in a car. The user will not see any notifications until he is stopped. People who send a message automatically receive an answer that the recipient is currently driving.

Finally, the Maps app gets support for indoor navigation in shopping malls and airplanes.

The App Store gets a completely new design. The first page is called 'Today' and is about articles and stories about new apps. In addition, there are the 'games' and 'apps' sections where of course games and other applications can be seen.

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