Xi stresses Chinese treatment

Xi stresses Chinese treatment

World July 1, 2016 19:03

- Attendees clapped their hands each, during the longest speech Xi Jinping since he became president in March 2013. The leader of China hammered yesterday, during the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the Communist Party, once again on the core values ​​in China should run.

The economy- growing, to be exact- has for decades been the magic word when it comes to care is the development of China, but Xi. The big money has namely also caused many excesses: bribery.

'The greatest threat to our party,' he said in the Great Hall of the People, by the famous Tiananmen Square. 'We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to corrupt behavior. We promise to investigate each case and punish any wrong official. The Communist Party will be no hiding place for them. '
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More than its predecessors, Xi emphasized the core values ​​of Chinese communism, in which the representatives are to be effective for the people. In addition, he acknowledged that the party of the society is criticized. 'To govern the country, we have the party strictly govern first. Otherwise, the problems that the people complaining about not resolved. '

For the president, it is important that he keeps things together 'and prevent unrest in the country. Marxism should provide stability. Politicians and journalists are already confronted with a solid refresher course on philosophy. The latter group because they can spread the importance of the media among citizens.

Xi had also previously known that he firmly bet on a purge of educational institutions in the country. So he wants to ensure that Chinese students are 'brainwashed' by Western ways of thinking.

Marxist political economy must prevail again in the classroom, to boost the economy again in that way. Because: 'Young people are the hope and future of our country. '

To the nationalist fire even further stir up went the president also went on the influence wishing other countries in the (foreign) policy of China: 'We will never sacrifice our greatest interests, sovereignty and security. '

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