WWF saves endangered freshwater seal

WWF saves endangered freshwater seal

World January 26, 2017 06:54

imatra - WWF Finland has carried out a specific action for the critically endangered Saimaarob. There is so little snow that half of the pups are ready to die this winter because they have no shelter from predators.

On the ice of the vast Saimaa volunteers swept snow on large clusters, so that can make the freshwater seal dens for their pups. The Saimaarob need snow dens to give birth to her puppies and offering them protection.

The last three years have been the warmest worldwide ever recorded in the Arctic and the temperature rises on average twice as fast as average on earth. In January reached the surface sea ice in the Arctic another record minimum. Animals that depend on sea ice, including polar bears, ringed seals and walruses, are more common in close, according to the nature organization.

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