Writer Umberto Eco (84) deceased

Writer Umberto Eco (84) deceased

World February 20, 2016 09:00

rome - The Italian writer Umberto Eco's Friday deceased at the age of 84. That report Italian media in the night from Friday to Saturday. The news was confirmed by Eco's family.

Eco was much more than a writer. Eco became known as an author of novels such as The Name of the Rose (1980) and The Prague Cemetery (2010). He was learned, critical intellectual and champion of a united Europe.

In 2012, the Italian got the Peace of Nijmegen Medal, which is awarded every two years to a major international player for peace on the European continent.

In his voluminous novels, which the reader does require some concentration, Eco makes European history accessible to a wide audience. Thus plays The Name of the Rose is set in a medieval abbey, and he explores the 17th century in The Island of the Day Before (1994). The Prague Cemetery is set in the 19th century and is about the unification of Italy.

In his novels brings Eco fictitious persons in contact with people who actually exist. He loves conspiracy theories, forgeries and dangerous documents. The Name of the Rose, for example, a detective novel in several layers. The monk William of Baskerville solves with his assistant Adson of Melk, which tells the story, a series of murders in a northern Italian Benedictine abbey. The scriptorium (the place where the monks about writing books) and the library plays an important role in the book, which was filmed in 1986 with Sean Connery as William.

Eco was born in 1932 in Alessandria, a town in the northern Italian region of Piedmont. He grew up in a family of thirteen children. Eco studied medieval philosophy and literature and published in 1954 with a thesis on the plea century Catholic philosopher and clergyman Thomas Aquinas. In 1966 he became professor of semiotics in Milan. Which science deals with the meaning of a sign such as a word or act, in literature, fashion, film or behavior.

Eco is considered one of the most important Semioticians in the world. He wrote several books and organized the first international conference on the semiotics.

Eco mingled regularly in intellectual debate in Italy. He took onomwonen stand against former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the power of the Roman Catholic Church. So he signed with other artists in 2007 called on the Italians to give any more money to the church, but to give it to the religious community of the Waldensian. The artists accused the church of their individual irrevocable freedoms and civil rights to want to take away.

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