Women get fat bill after horrordate

Women get fat bill after horrordate

World August 28, 2018 12:32

los angeles - A 45-year-old American hangs a long prison sentence now that he has been caught with a cunning swindle trick that caused many single women to be duped.

45-year-old Paul Gonzalez approached his victims through a dating app. The women, who were already surprised to be invited to a fancy dinner party by such a handsome appearance, came up one by one.

But after a copious meal Paul always had to go to the bathroom or something else urgently. After waiting a quarter of an hour or longer, the victims knew that he had run away and that they were selling for the fat bill.

Eight women had to draw their own credit card. In two cases the restaurant felt so sorry for the woman that they paid the bill.

Gonzalez, who has been arrested in the meantime, can get thirteen years in prison for extortion and fraud, according to justice in a report. At the presiding said to be innocent.

CBS spoke to a victim. 'He looked really good, I wondered: why does he want me to date?' He ordered a whole table full, she recalls.

'In the end, he had to go to his car to get a battery charger. '

Paul disappeared and left her with a $ 130 bill. She finally said nothing to the waiter. 'I was too embarrassed for that'.

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