Woman with 'wrong scratch card' wins first prize of 5 million dollars

World January 3, 2018 17:03

edgewater - A New Jersey woman wanted to buy a scratch card from a dollar, but the man behind the counter mistakenly got a 10 dollar ticket. She decided to keep the fate. It turned out to be a winning one. Of 5 million dollars to be precise.

Osana Zaharov (46) immediately knew that she had received a wrong fate. 'I felt guilty to give it back, so I thought' I'll keep it. ' In fact, I used it as a bookmark for a few weeks, when I decided to scratch the lot ', according to the lottery.

Now she can buy millions of bookmarks. Her 5 million is paid over a period of 20 years. 'I never win anything. I was sure that this fate was fake. Until I took it back to the lottery and it really turned out to be the winning. '

Zaharov wants to spend the money with her family on vacation to the Bahamas. Furthermore, she keeps the money for the study of her children.

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