Woman taken from plane because of her noisy pig

World November 16, 2017 21:21

- A woman was forced to leave her plane because her auxiliary pig made too much noise. Passengers on the flight from US Airways could not believe their ears when her 'hand luggage' suddenly started to make noise.

The shocked passenger Jonathan Skolnik told ABC that at first he thought the woman was carrying a normal piece of hand luggage: 'It turned out not to be a bag. We could smell it and see that it was really a pig on a chain. '

On Wednesday, the plane would leave Connecticut when the pig suddenly became very noisy. 'She sat down on her chair and was busy with herself when her pig suddenly started walking,' Skolnik said. 'I was terrified because I thought I had to fly with the pig on board. '

An attempt was made to tie the animal to a chair, but that did not work. Then the woman had to leave the plane because the pig started to make a lot of noise. The woman then took the pig on her shoulder and walked out.

American Airlines, the parent company of US Airways, has stated that the pig was admitted because it was an emotional aid animal. These are animals that are used as part of a medical treatment and / or therapy to help with the daily functional tasks of a person.

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