Woman streams deadly accident sister

Woman streams deadly accident sister

World July 25, 2017 09:51

los banos - An American woman (18) has pictured a car accident on Instagram to see how her 14-year-old sister dies. She sat behind the wheel herself and laid the accident with her smartphone from start to finish.

The teenager crawled Friday behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs, CNN reports. Her 14 year old sister got into her car, with all its consequences. The car hit the head when the 18-year-old lost power over the wheel and she and her sister were thrown out of the vehicle: they both did not carry a belt.

When the two were on the street, the 18-year-old went on to film. She only walked in on her leg. Her sister was already out of consciousness at that time. On the video footage, which CNN did not release because they would be shocking, the woman's voice was heard: 'If I have to go to prison, then you know why. My sister dies, look! But it does not matter to me anymore. I love her so much. '

The video is included in the criminal investigation into the US. The woman is officially suspected of murder and driving under influence.

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