Woman harasses catering business with crazy 'wisseltruc'

Woman harasses catering business with crazy 'wisseltruc'

World August 11, 2017 09:24

- She is very friendly, leads you down and before you know, she has your change while you do not get a penny. An unknown lady has already been in the catering industry on the Belgian coast for some time. That's how she works.

The French-speaking lady of a year or forty has been so infamous that the police patrol this week in civilians. According to HLN, she certainly did fifteen times and always works the same way.

The woman asks if she can exchange money, usually amounting to 50 or 100 euros. She shows the note, but it stops unobtrusively. Then she leads the person to the checkout with such compliments and other nice talks that those who think of the change give way. But those 50 or 100 letters never come to the checkout.

Then the woman goes away. The only thing that the caissier holds for it is a cash difference.

Belgian entrepreneurs have pulled the bell and hope that the woman can be picked up quickly.

The scammer has been filmed. Check out the pictures here.

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