'With every vibration of adrenaline'

'With every vibration of adrenaline'

World July 21, 2017 08:48

food - Charlotte and her family were woken out of sleep last night.

'The building went back and forth. Just like you were balancing on a spaghetti pole. 'She calmed down her daughters and ran outside. 'People ran down the stairs without clothes and were gunned. 'At half past five they finally heard that they could not leave the apartment anymore. 'In between, there were continuous shocks and there were panic reactions around us. Very scary Each time a vibration or noise and you shoot full of adrenaline. Eventually we spent the night by the pool on the beds. Sleeping was not going on. At the moment we are still unable to enter the building and we are waiting for further information. Our friends later I picked up so we were together.

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