'Windows App Store shows piratenwalhalla'

'Windows App Store shows piratenwalhalla'

Tech August 24, 2017 09:36

redmond - Who thinks pirates need to get their favorite download software from dark internet sites, according to TorrentFreak, misses. The website writes that the official Windows App Store is a hot walhalla for content pirates.

Whoever looks at the free App Store app soon sees various apps that the creators claim you can watch for free with the latest movies and series for free. The existence of such apps is one thing, but that they are in the official Windows app store is another story. Any app in the Windows App Store must be through an approval process. And according to TorrentFreak, the creators of malicious apps also make no mistake of viewing their apps for illegal content. Why the software has just come to the App Store is therefore mysterious.

Microsoft is one of the big tech companies with a long history when it comes to combating piracy. Earlier this year, the Windowsmaker signed another anti-piracy covenant with a number of major copyright managers.

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