Wikipedia can provide NSA for judging days

Wikipedia can provide NSA for judging days

Tech May 24, 2017 10:48

richmond - Wikipedia may use the US NSA spy service for the right days to use the Upstream program. This is what news agency Reuters reports.

Upstream performs NSA bulk searches of international communications in the backbone of the Internet, consisting of cables, switches and routers. Upstream's existence came to light through Edward Snowden. According to Wikipedia, the program violates the fundamental rights to privacy, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.

In 2015, one judge still ruled that there was insufficient evidence for the Wikimedia Foundation case, which Wikipedia operates against the NSA. However, in appeals, it is now considered that there is nothing speculative about Wikimedia's allegations.

The decision could make it easier for people to find out if the authorities spy them through Upstream. A spokesman for the plaintiffs claims that the verdict in appeal is an important victory for the law.

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