Wiet poses Colorado for staffing problem

Wiet poses Colorado for staffing problem

World April 22, 2017 08:15

denver - Since the legalization of marijuana in the US state of Colorado, especially restaurants complained about the difficulty of recruiting suitable staff. Main reason: working at a farm that grows or markets weed pays a lot better.

Where waitresses and chefs pick up ten dollars per hour for their hard and often stressful work, weeding the weed into the greenhouse soon doubles. Due to the small margins, restaurants can not increase the wages.

Since the legalization of weed, Denver is the most popular American destination for domestic travel. Most travelers also actually come to the state to use cannabis.

The large increase of tourists causes the number of restaurants in the city to increase sharply. Growth is now threatening to stagnate. In addition to restaurants, the construction industry is also struggling with staff shortages.

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