Where do tourists in Thailand need to watch?

World October 24, 2017 07:12

bangkok - After a year of mourning, a five-day ceremony begins tomorrow about the farewell to King Bhumibol. What does that mean for tourists in Thailand?

Nearly thirteen million Thai people have been protruding in long rows of heat or monsoon rain in the past year, to honor their honor to King Bhumibol, who was born in Bangkok's historical palace.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague had already adapted the travel advice for Thailand in July. It is important to respect the feelings of the Thai people during this period. Avoid critical statements or discussions about the royal house. In Thailand there is a ban on insulting the monarchy. This is strictly enforced, with very severe punishment in violation.

Many Thai, such as officials and teachers, have been dressed in black for a year. This month also applies to the rest of the population. Tourists only need to wear black or gray at the Sanam Luang crematorium or one of many ceremonies throughout the country. The authorities have asked Thai not to selfish.

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