'When it's going to blow up, are we the chess?'

'When it's going to blow up, are we the chess?'

World June 18, 2017 11:42

- The forest fires in Portugal, which have already caused a human tragedy with some 57 deaths and sixty wounds, are still raging. A number of roads in the area have been deposited. 'If the wind stays calm, it will be good for us,' says a neighborhood resident. 'But if it's going to blow, then we're the chess.'

There are four more fire brigades. Seven hundred firemen try to quench the fire. All available Portuguese blushers and aircraft have been deployed, which are assisted by two Spanish aircraft. French airlines are also on their way to grant support. The fire is so fierce, that several fire trucks have already gone up in flames.

A number of villages are still not reached by emergency services. There are still whole families in the fall in the district of Leiria, between Figueiró dos Vinhos and Castanheira de Pera. Help groups try to reach them.

'We are facing the greatest tragedy with most victims of recent years,' said Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa about the forest fires, in the area around Pedrógão Grande, a town of thirty kilometers south of Coïmbra. The death toll could still run because the fires are still raging. The Dutch embassy is currently investigating all Dutch in the area. 'As soon as we know, we report it,' said Daphne Kerremans of Foreign Affairs.

Of the dead, thirty deaths were found in their car on the road between Figueiró dos Vinhos and Castanheira de Pera, while trying to escape the fires. They were enclosed by the fire, and could no longer be seen. The firefighters who encountered them speak of an 'absolute horror scenario.' '' It seems like a battlefield, everything is blackened, there are burned houses and burned cars '

Six firemen were also injured during their rescue operations. There are certainly five seriously injured, including four firefighters and one child.

Many people who are out of the fire are exposed to shock. 'They all burn,' calls a local resident rescued in time, but whose family is still in the midst of the fire. There are psychologists on their way to catch the victims. Residents of Portugal offer each other via Facebook call shelter. Like Dave Kurley: 'For everyone who has lost his house tonight: we have three tents with beds in Guarda, where no fires are raging. If you can not go anywhere, feel free to stay here for free and safe. '

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