WhatsAppgroep constitutes eyes and ears around

WhatsAppgroep constitutes eyes and ears around

Tech November 14, 2016 09:51

- The police can benefit much more from the eyes and ears of ordinary citizens with close-WhatsAppgroepen, provided they are well organized. According to Peter the Crommert of innovation DITSS is a well-organized WhatsAppgroep of alert citizens to ensure that people feel more secure, but users need to play by rules. DITSS holds Monday research organization TNO a symposium called 'The citizen is your best friend.'

Although many Dutch municipalities have citizen-WhatsAppgroepen, the development is still in a test phase. ' It is not intended that people are so much in such a group call that just creates an unsafe feeling. To prevent people with slander and libel begin or that arise crusades. In a public WhatsAppgroep may degenerate to digital abuse. ''

It is, therefore, according to Van de Crommert of importance that such a platform has an organizer who knows the user by name. ' But at the same time you want to prevent people not reporting for example, that their neighbor mistreats his wife for fear that they are known by name. These are difficult dilemmas where we are not yet out. ''


The European Commission has funded five projects aiming at developing civil platforms, which DITSS project TRILLION there is one. ' In this project, we think about how we can build a community of citizens and police, and what technical platform we can use it. We do not answer any questions, have just had the first test phase. ''

Citizen platforms are increasingly required from the Crommert think, in a society where the government withdraws. ' Then people will do it themselves. That's fine, but do it well in a good way. We are now developing. ''\n  \n  \n   advertisement

During the symposium not only slide representatives of the police and local authorities, but also citizens and privacy guards. ' There is great attention to information security and privacy. ''

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