Whatsapp briefly on black in Brazil

Whatsapp briefly on black in Brazil

Tech December 17, 2015 22:25

- The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp is in Brazil for 48 hours in the air. A court in São Paulo telecom and Internet providers ordered to block traffic through the messaging from Thursday. Millions of Brazilians who use the service can therefore not chat over mobile or WiFi.

Following is staying away from representatives of service with the court. WhatsApp end of July by the judge summoned to give explanations in a criminal investigation, but nobody showed up. A new judical warrant was issued on August 7, but representatives of the service also let then know nothing.

What the lawsuit is about is unclear. According to Brazilian media is a matter that has been brought by telecom companies. They want Whatsapp and other berchtendiensten be tackled, since they provide unlicensed communications services. The companies therefore miss out on revenue from phone calls.

According to the Brazilian law on Internet is allowed to block traffic through the app.

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