What should you do if your Windows profile is corrupt?

What should you do if your Windows profile is corrupt?

Tech December 28, 2015 12:42

- It may happen that your Windows profile becomes corrupt. Here we explain how you can solve the problem.

         When you reach the sign will be notified that your user profile may be corrupted. For example, a user damage and third-party antivirus software can scan your computer is when you try to log on, but there are other causes. If you receive such a notice, you can do two things. You can try to fix the profile, or you can create a new profile and all transfer from the damaged profile to the new profile. Note: The following method may result in data loss, so make sure you backs up your files before proceeding. You damaged profile reparerenSoms your profile just works properly again after you restart the computer. If you were not that lucky, you'll have to restart your computer in safe mode by pressing F8 before the Windows logo appears, and in the Advanced Boot Options screen to select the Safe Mode option. After the computer in Safe Mode is started, you must be in the search bar, type regedit and press Enter. Subsequently, the Registry Editor is loaded, which you must navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList. You can find out which user account folder in the list to by clicking and double-clicking ProfileImagePath. If you have found the folder from the corrupt profile, you must double-click RefCount and set the Value data to 0. Then click OK. Double-click State, set the Value data to 0 if this is not the case, and click OK. Registry Editor in Windows 10. You can now close the Registry Editor and restart your computer. Chances are that you now again, you just log on to your user profile. A new profile aanmakenAls you have more than one profile on your computer, you may use a different profile to create a new user profile. Do you have one profile, you can enable the hidden administrator account by typing cmd into the search bar and right-click on Command Prompt and select as administrator. In the Command Prompt, type the command net user administrator / active: yes and press Enter. If your computer restarts you'll see an Administrator account. Sign in to this account and go to Control Panel gt; User Accounts, and click User Accounts. Click Manage another account and if required the password. Click Add a new user PC settings and create a new account with a name that differs from the corrupt profile. You can change this name later. Then restart the computer. Now it's time to copy the files from the corrupt profile to the new profile. Log in as Administrator and enter in the Explorer, go to C: Users folder and open the corrupt profile. Copy the contents of your Documents folder and all the other things you want to keep to the corresponding folders in the folder of the new profile. You can now restart the computer and log on to the new profile. Make sure you only remove the corrupt profile if you are 100 percent sure that you do everything you want to keep to the directory of the new profile copied or backed up to a different way. This article is brought to you by Total Computer. nl

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