What agreeing the EU and Turkey?

What agreeing the EU and Turkey?

World November 29, 2015 22:30

brussels - The European Union and Turkey will jointly address the migration crisis. Sunday joined the leaders of the 29 countries on this agreement. Here, in brief, a summary of the agreements. Details, for example on compliance and review of the agreements have yet to be worked out.

- Turkey is " first " 3 billion for the next two years to improve the reception of Syrian refugees in camps in Turkey. The Netherlands is contributing 117 million euros to this.

- Condition for payment is that particularly basic services, education and health care in the camps should be better. Moreover Syrians should have access to the labor market for example.

- Both parties will increase their efforts with immediate effect to " to create order " in the flow of migrants. They also agreed that refugees are not entitled to asylum and come through Turkey to Europe, go back to Turkey. From there they must return to their country of origin.

- The EU has been prepared by the United Nations recognized refugees from Turkish camps record. Numbers are not mentioned.

- The process of the visa-free travel for Turks to the EU will be accelerated. All of this must be completed in autumn 2016 and may Turks to Europe without a visa, but only if Turkey can comply with the requirements imposed for example passports.

- The calls are on Turkey's accession to the EU on December 14, revived. This process is accelerated in the course of 2016.

- Twice a year there will be consultations between Turkey and the EU.

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