'We want that life is back to normal '

'We want that life is back to normal '

World October 19, 2016 10:39

mosul - snatch Iraqi troops towards the city of Mosul, the city that has long been occupied for two years by IS. Although the terrorist group is trying to paint a picture of a normal town with residents who are at work, children go to school and live a happy life, that image is at best questionable said.

The people of Mosul are, since the militant group took the city up in June 2014, cut off from the world. Cell phones are prohibited and are caught with a phone, resulting in a sentence of medieval proportions. Many people are afraid to stay in their town now approaching the offensive by Iraqi forces. But there is not an alternative: a safe way out does not seem to exist. An estimated sit a half million people like rats in a trap.

CNN interviewed six brave people about their life in Mosul. The interviews show that the people who do not want the Internet using their real name for security reasons, mainly terrified. Tells the Sunni Abu Ahmed, who fled with his four children and wife to the west of the city, that he fears that terrorists IS his 11-year-old daughter will carry. 'I'm afraid of IS, but also for the Peshmerga and Shia. 'Fleeing the militant groups, Ahmed had to leave his kiosk.

The 24-year-old Mostafa has been two years of a job. Iraq hopes that life for her husband and five children is normal. 'We want our children back to school and that we can live a life that suits us. A normal life. Most importantly IS and leave the terrorists Mosul. '

The 70-year-old Haja Fawzy has not seen her two sons for two years. They had to leave Mosul because they worked in the Iraqi army and were sent away when IS took over the city. Fawzy has only one wish: to see her children again before they die.

Ex-policeman Falah chose 2014 eggs for his money: he would not flee and decided to be punished out of fear, to work for IS. The 40-year-old man is afraid that the government sees him as a traitor, 'What if they ask me: what have you done in recent years? I'm so busy. If the government recaptures the city, I go to jail. Who will make sure my wife and children? '\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Young Mother To Emad hopes that the Iraqi army will recapture the city quickly. Emad says her son has missed two years of school. She took her child from school because she did not want him to be taught according to the ideology of IS. 'We expect that God saves us because we are tired. We are pleased that the reconquest has begun, but it must be done quickly! We hate our lives right now. We want our husbands back at work. We want our children to go to school. '

The older lady Hajja order Saleh to miss two years her sons and grandchildren. They fled, but Saleh is unable to visit them. 'My house is so sad and dark without my family. We want to stop the killing and destruction so that people can return to their homes and life returns to normal. '

Mosul has the last stronghold of Islamic State in Iraq. The assault to expel the terrorists, was deployed Monday. Meanwhile, Iraqi forces freed the district of al-Shura, an area southeast of Mosul. The terrorists of the Islamic State have been displaced. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the long-awaited surgery on television: 'The hour has come for the victory. 'It's the biggest fight against IS far.

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