We have nothing to say

We have nothing to say

World October 16, 2015 10:45

- Protests and questions from angry Rotterdam on the arrival of a refugee center have yielded nothing. Mayor Aboutaleb decided a runaway briefing stating that the asylum seekers' center there will be for five years. '' We have nothing to tell , '' says the locals. Also: Section control A4 was in trouble Televizier ring syndrome and how long Sabia really pregnant? Here you can read all that is required to be completely up to date with the latest news and participate in the conversation of the day.

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At an information meeting about the arrival of a refugee center in Rotterdam Beverwaard emotions were very well on Thursday. The police had to intervene several times. Afterwards, the police brought charges from police cars and had the prize. The Rotterdam feel unheard, because Mayor Aboutaleb concluded by saying that the COA been agreed that asylum seekers' center there will be for five years. '' We have nothing to tell, '' said the angry locals. Read moored EU and Turkey reached an agreement around midnight on stemming the flow of refugees. Turkey is better guarding the borders and improve the care on Turkish territory. In exchange, the calls are accelerated on visa-free travel of Turks in the EU. It would be possible early next year. Turkey also receives billions to absorb these refugees in their own country, rising to 3 billion. Finally, the accession negotiations for Turkey to the EU relaunched. Read meerBij a fire in a house in the South Holland Oegstgeest killed a woman in the night from Thursday to Friday. She was seriously injured by the fire brought out, where she died of her injuries. Two other people who were in the house were unharmed. Read more of which you should be aware of?

Concerns are increasing about the threats directed at municipal administrators who want to refugees. All Dutch aldermen have received an email from Councilman Association which is advised to always call the police in case of threats. Read more Justice has arrested five Indians who are behind an Amsterdam cleaning empire. They are suspected of exploiting hundreds of foreign workers who daily Dutch and Belgian hotels clean. Read more motorists in recent weeks in the daytime too hard to be driven through the zone on the A4 go through a blunder of Rijkswaterstaat a good chance dismiss their traffic ticket. When working along the lane towards Delft, middle place in the road section in which the zone is a sign 'end all forbidden posted. That means that from that moment the maximum speed 130 km / h instead of 100 km / h, which is maintained during the day. Read meerWat is further discussed on the coffee machine?

The program syndrome is the big winner came out on top in the election for the Golden Televizier Ring. Johnny carried the award to the main characters of his program, the young people with Down's syndrome. " We make this program with lots of humor and respect. I want to put this award symbolizes tolerance, respect and love for each other ", said Johnny. View the images of the uitreikingDe reportage that appeared yesterday in Gala and that should solve the mystery surrounding the sixth pregnancy Sabia Engizek (37), the case has only made more puzzling. Because, says the ex footballers Khalid Boulahrouz (33) and Rafael van der Vaart (32), she is now in the fourth month of her pregnancy. How this can be reconciled with its unveiling in late July when they shouted: & quot; I'm still really eleven weeks on the road! "? Read more Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, the problems of Red Bull for next season to find an engine supplier for both teams (Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso) resolved. Toro Rosso is the team of Max Verstappen. Read meerYolanthe Sneijder-Cabau is Thursday at 20. 20 am (Dutch time) in her hometown Istanbul birth of a son, Xess Xava. This confirms Wesley (31) to De Telegraaf. The boy is in good health, weighing 3 500 grams and is 52 centimeters long. Read meerWat can follow today?

Chamber Presidents Ankie Broekers-Knol (Senate) and Anouchka van Miltenburg (Second Chamber) opened last week swinging the open days at the Courtyard

The parliament or the States General's birthday. On Friday it will be exactly two centuries since the first joint session of the Senate and House in The Hague occurred. It was the official beginning of the parliamentary system as we have now in the Netherlands and is now celebrated in the Hall of Knights. Read more hungary decide Friday whether the Croatian border closes to stem the influx of refugees. That the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Brussels. EU countries agreed in the Belgian capital on an agreement with Turkey on refugees. Read meerWat we recommend further?

John van den Heuvel is today 25 years old crime reporter, is in honor of that anniversary Spiegel wrote the book of the law and was last night elected sleuthing of the Year. But fame has a downside: the eternal threat of harm. He was angry with himself when, with colleague Joop Udo, went on a visit to Fat Charles Geerts and was threatened with baseball bats. "We drove through an open gate, which snapped shut behind us. Thick Charles sat behind a desk and I saw immediately on his mind: trick. He had boozed and sniffed. When I should have made that I got away. I still sit down to talk. Was the most unpleasant moment of my career. & quot; Read more slowly is the sword for the Russian alcoholic. After the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev as part of his anti-alcohol campaign in the mid eighties increased the price of vodka distilleries closed and ancient vineyards in the south of Russia and the Crimea with bulldozers showed bulldozing threatens anew code orange for the inveterate drinker. Read meerNausicaa Marbe writes in her column over cabinet decisions. ,null, Cabinet decisions today are just moving postcards: images that change when you look at it. A miss winks or not, a kitten, a puppy. So it goes like PvdA and VVD conclude a coalition agreement. Once the group leaders will explain, they come with two different stories. & quot; Read the full column

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