Washington again collides with California

Washington again collides with California

World April 3, 2018 06:15

sacramento - With a new indictment against the state, the legal battle between California and the US government is rising. The Department of Justice started a lawsuit Monday to get a Californian law that would limit the possibility of selling land in the state.

At the same time the state threatened to take the government to court for a planned expansion of the environmental rules for cars and small trucks.

California adopted a law at the end of last year that stipulates that federal authorities want to sell the land that must first be offered to the state. That is how California wants to keep control over what happens to the ground. The Ministry of Justice states that the law violates the Constitution and causes enormous delays.

California had previously clashed with Washington about immigration, health care and abortion. According to Justice Minister Jeff Sessions, 'states like California think they are above the law. 'The California governor Jerry Brown states that Washington' wages war 'against his state.

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