Washable smartphone developed

Washable smartphone developed

Tech December 7, 2015 10:49

- Since it is on phones often teeming with bacteria, Kyocera now has good news for people with fear of contamination : the Japanese electronics company has developed a phone that you can wash with soap and water.

The smartphone called Digno Rafre is designed so that users can use it in many different environments, such as outdoors and cooking, the company explains. It was a challenge to develop a phone that is not only waterproof but also soap proof, but an additional layer of this there can stand to be a good crop.A zegsvrouwe Kyocera emphasized that Digno Rafre it can only be taken care of with foam soap. Users can not edit the phone with a bar of soap, the device could not withstand them. The phone comes this month on the market is still only in Japan.

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