Warning: fake emails Ziggo

Warning: fake emails Ziggo

Tech October 24, 2016 08:42

delft - Criminals send the last few weeks a lot of fake emails that are supposedly from Ziggo. is in the mail that people have to pay a bill. But if they manage stairs and click on the link, the computer is locked. Only after payment of ransom the computer is released. The amount of fake emails Ziggo is increasing rapidly, warns protector Fox-IT from Delft.

It is not known how many people have actually been the victim of computer hostage.

The perpetrators use a variant of ransomware called Torrent Locker. The group behind the kidnapping software abused two years ago, the company generated name for a similar action. That fake email guided people to a site where they could supposedly see whether an order was already underway.

Torrent Locker hostage not only the computer, but at the same time stealing address books of his victims. At any given infection perpetrators so data from other people that they can con. Therefore, the mail campaign is growing rapidly.

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