VVN : The temptation irresponsible

VVN : The temptation irresponsible

Tech October 26, 2015 12:12

amsterdam - Safe Traffic Netherlands questioned the software that owners in 2000 in the Netherlands this week on their Tesla Model S can be set. As the first production car in the world, the Tesla can govern themselves.

Something you should allow only if it is one hundred percent safe. Then you can say that people should keep their hands on the wheel, but owners will be tempted nevertheless can not resist. Therefore, we find it irresponsible. "

The manufacturer reports constantly on the so-called tar-car feature is only intended for the highway, as additional safety sidekick. "Always keep your hands on the wheel, because this software is very new," said Tesla CEO Elon Musk at launch week and a half back.

But customers take in the US these warnings not so critical. YouTube videos circulating the Model S's who independently on two-lane roads and ramps on motorways. Then, just before a bend at right angles to want to go the shoulder. Just because drivers at the last minute grab the wheel, it's still good.

In the US, asking why critics wonder why Tesla gives the software at such an early stage to its customers. The manufacturer responds by saying that he is not responsible for misuse and that is trying to get out of the software shortcomings as quickly as possible.

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