Vuelta shuts down rounds and chooses tourmasters

Vuelta shuts down rounds and chooses tourmasters

World July 19, 2017 09:42

- The Vuelta a Espana will say goodbye to a lot of rounds from this year. Winners will not get more kiss after the stages. According to Spanish media, the high-heeled women will not disappear, but men will also have a role.

The organization received complaints about sexism 'We are sensitive to the social and media debate that has arisen about the presence of women on the stage,' says Director-General Jarvier Guillén to De Volkskrant. 'We can not close our eyes to these concerns, so we will take some new measures and in the next round. We are still busy with any other interventions. '

According to the newspaper El Mundo, De Vuelta would also like to play men. Whether these tourmists are giving flowers to men and whether they are kissing each other is just the question.

The round missions will be less exposed at least during the Tour of Spain. 'Our stage women wear long sleeves and a skirt that falls to the knee. 'The other clothes could be experienced as provocative.

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