VS: Paying meaningless after infection ransomware

VS: Paying meaningless after infection ransomware

World May 15, 2017 21:18

washington - Victims of the global cyber attack with hostage software received their data as far as they did not know after having paid back. In any case, there are no cases of known, the White House announced on Monday.

Adviser to President Donald Trump on Domestic Security, Tom Bossert, said at a press conference that about 300,000 computers in 150 countries were infected with the hostage software WannaCry.

It seems that victims did not make a lot of money to the perpetrators. According to Bossert, less than $ 70,000,000 (almost 64,000,000) was paid by ransom paid by people who wanted access to locked data again. It would still be unclear who are behind the attack.

Bossert said earlier that it is not ruled out that a foreign power is behind the cyber attack. He added that it is likely that criminals are responsible because ransom is required.

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