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Voters California put \u0026 # x27; mild \u0026 # x27; right off

World June 6, 2018 21:27

los angeles - California voters have deposited a sitting judge. Judge Aaron Persky received a lot of criticism when he condemned a man in 2016 to a six-month prison sentence for the sexual abuse of an unconscious victim. Critics found that punishment far too low.

Voters can request a referendum in California to drop off elected officials, such as judges. Over 176,000 people in Santa Clara cast a vote on the fate of Persky. According to the unofficial result, about 60 percent of the voters judged that the judge must leave. The official result is expected to be published on July 5th.

It is the first time since 1932 that a sitting judge in the state has been dismissed, reports American media. Persky had warned last month that it would undermine the independence of the judiciary if voters would send him home. 'We ask judges to follow the law, not public opinion,' he said.

Persky can stay on until his successor has taken the oath of office.

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