Vast underground sea ice on Mars

Vast underground sea ice on Mars

World November 23, 2016 16:18

- Beneath the surface of Mars is a big 'sea' of ice. That is more than eight times as large as the Netherlands. The ice contains about as much water as Lake Superior, which lies between the United States and Canada and one of the largest lakes on Earth is.

A satellite of the US space agency NASA has discovered the Ocean. The ice is 80 to 170 m thick and about 1 to 10 meters under the Martian soil. He composed more than half of iced water, the rest is dust and stones. Because the layer of ice is quite close below the surface and the area is flat, it would not be difficult to get to the ice cream, the researchers believe.

The layer was found under the Utopia Planitia, a flat in the northern hemisphere of Mars. Since landed a US lab, the Viking 2. The satellite Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter flew over it more than 600 times in the last time in 1976. Those measurements the sea ice have revealed.

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