Vancouver has to adjust to 13th floor

Vancouver has to adjust to 13th floor

World November 5, 2015 22:30

vancouver - The 13th floor is for many a superstitious place where you'd better not tarry. In parts of the world that floor is therefore not entirely in tower blocks and jumps numbering 12 to 14. The Canadian city of Vancouver is that practice to an end. Every new building must mention the actual number of levels, even if it supposedly ominous number 13.

The numbers 4 and 24, which according to Chinese would have to do with the death, were still sometimes beaten over. " Different companies have different favorite songs or accident, so we want to have a uniform field for everyone ", said spokesman Pat Ryan of the planning authority at the station CBC.

Main reason for the abolition of the superstitious use of it is that people get confused, mainly by ambulance personnel and fire can have serious consequences. The measure applies provisionally only for new buildings.

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