US used servers Netherlands to hack

US used servers Netherlands to hack

Tech October 31, 2016 14:54

amsterdam - US intelligence may have Dutch servers used for cyber-espionage. Hackers on Monday published a list of over three hundred computer systems used around the world. On it are the servers of the University of Amsterdam, Hosting Your Name from Nijmegen and the international organization, OPCW, based in The Hague.

According Rickey Gevers of the Hague protector RedSocks Security servers have been used as an intermediate step towards the target of the spies. '' In fact, they borrowed unsolicited servers to unseen to carry out an attack. Through the back door they come in, 'he explains.

For another security service, the possible target, it can be very valuable that this is now brought out. Gevers: '' If you see in your systems that these servers have visited, you have to at least scratch behind the ears. And perhaps it is worthwhile to do further research. ''

The list is published by the hacker group Shadow Brokers. It is not clear who is behind it. Probably the group works for a state, possibly Russia. '' The risks for them are so great and the people get nothing here, at the most some bitcoins and that was it. I find it very difficult, I have never experienced anything like. '' They are not in accordance with Gevers hobbyists anyway. They may bring even more out in the coming days.

The message in the list of servers is written in English crooked. The senders call it a Halloween Surprise '' the Amerikanski's. ' They also threaten to disrupt the US presidential election next week. Russia is accused of influencing the vote by hacking.

Gevers believes that the list of servers is real. '' The Shadow Brokers have so far been very credible. they have all the information brought out in August. That was about the cyber arms of the security NSA. Banging had described exactly what whistleblower Edward Snowden. It was 100 percent genuine. The digital signature on the message now exactly matches the signature then. ''\n  \n  \n   advertisement

It is not known if the Dutch servers have been used. All servers are vintages between 2000 and 2010. '' We can not interpret what those dates. It does not mean in any case that the servers are not used after 2010. ''

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