US Presidential Election toy of 158 families

US Presidential Election toy of 158 families

World October 11, 2015 08:43

amsterdam - Not unemployment , the war in Syria and the nuclear deal with Iran is the main theme of the US presidential election , but oil . That can be seen from a survey by the New York Times was the source of the campaign money that the Democratic and Republican candidates received so far. Half of the money comes from only 158 families , outdated newspaper .

On top of the list: the Wilks family, which amassed billions of shale oil and gas and 15 million dollars (13 million euros) donated, but also families who have become rich by winning 'normal' olie.

Yet never had as a small group of so much influence on the election campaign, the New York Times calculates. Cause: the increasing role of Super PACS, organizations, officially independent candidates, unlimited amounts of money may raise and spend on commercials, for example.

The Most generous donors - 138 of the 158 families - donate their fortune to one of the Republican candidates. Not surprisingly, the GOP is, after all, traditionally the party of big money. That is precisely why it Hillary Clinton, can get the top favorite for the Democrats, most suffer from the calculations. Investor George Soros, a man whose name is synonymous with Wall Street, the former First Lady stopped indeed $ 1 million (880,000 euros) toe.

Bij the first debate, Tuesday, that information is good ammunition for Bernie Sanders, the self-declared socialist and Hillary's largest competitor. He will want to prove that Clinton has close ties with the financial community.

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