US officers suspended after death ground marmot

US officers suspended after death ground marmot

World August 5, 2016 22:06

rensselaer - Two policemen from the US state of New York are laid off in connection with the death of a land marmot. Reported that a local branch of ABC news channel Friday.

The fatal incident occurred last week at a golf course in the city of Troy, where the union of the police force of the Rensselaer town held its annual golf tournament. According to sources in the police chased the two agents the ground marmot in a golf cart, was exhausted until the rodent and could not run anymore. Then the men drove the animal away with the death.

The police forces of both Rensselaer and Troy have the matter under investigation.,, It is a difficult situation because I am ashamed, you know. I am ashamed as a chef that people think this of our department, and it might even be true too, '' said Rick Fusco, the police chief of Rensselaer. About what is waiting for the two agents as the allegations were proven Fuscozeer be firmly: dismissal.
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