US deaths terror group leader Khorasan

US deaths terror group leader Khorasan

World October 19, 2015 01:11

- The US military claims to have Salafi al- Nasr , the leader of the terrorist group Khorasan, slain . The Pentagon released the news Sunday outward.

Khorasan is derived from al- Qaeda. According to the Pentagon, it is a network of al- Qaeda veterans. Al-Nasr would include recruiting jihadists from Pakistan to Syria via Turkey have made ​​possible.

" Al-Nasr was a seasoned jihadist who recruited combatants and picked up money for al- Qaeda ", according to a Pentagon spokesman.

According to him, took the money Khorasan Leader in the Gulf region and brought it to the al- Qaeda leaders. Before al- Nasr leader of Khorasan, he worked for the al- Qaedatak in Iran.

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