US call feuding allies to order

US call feuding allies to order

World August 29, 2016 16:00

ankara - The United States is trying frantically to appease the conflict between the friends Turkey and the Kurdish ally YPG, which are each other's lives in northern Syria. If the opponents of Islamic State not coordinate their maneuvers in northern Syria, may there IS capital out of the US Department of Defense warned.

Turkey and its allies among the rebel groups in northern Syria in recent days around Jarablus and Manbij embroiled in fierce fighting with the YPG. Turkey demands that the YPG withdraws behind the River Euphrates and received the US, the main pillar of the Kurdish armed group, at his side. According to the Pentagon, the YPG has now largely,, '' responded to the demand, but Turkey contradicts that. Ankara warned the YPG Monday that the Turks opened fire as his fighters not immediately clear the field.

,, We want to make clear that we are fighting this, in areas where IS is not present unacceptable and find very worrisome, '' said US ambassador Brett McGurk.
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Turkey did not seem impressed by the US warning.,, Nobody has the right to tell us what terror we can and can not fight, '' said the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs Omer Celik, though without explicit reference to the statements of McGurk.

The Turkish government considers the YPG as an extension of the Turkish-Kurdish separatist PKK.

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