UNICEF warns of fate Nepalese children

UNICEF warns of fate Nepalese children

World November 30, 2015 21:00

- UNICEF warns of the plight of three million children in Nepal now winter in the Asian country is imminent. Nepal was hit in April and May by severe earthquakes that hit more than 200,000 families. Parents and children live half a year later still in temporary shelters, even at heights above 1500 meters where the weather in the short term will be difficult.

According to the children's agency of the United Nations, the risks of hypothermia, malnutrition and lack of medicines and vaccines, a potentially deadly combination for children. The medical supplies are already familiar shortage of the vaccine against tuberculosis. Also, very few antibiotics available.

An additional danger because of the cold, the shortage of oil. Therefore, the Nepalese grab UNICEF back on wood. Smoke pollution, however, leads to an increase in the number of lung inflammation. Last year, deceased in Nepal for 5,000 children with this condition.

The UN agency also expects the next two months, 125 000 children are born and the baby 's major risks will walk.

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