UN: Trump must recognize severity problem

UN: Trump must recognize severity problem

World November 15, 2016 11:09

- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations said Tuesday that he hopes the next US president Donald Trump will change his mind about climate Paris Agreement. According Ki-moon action against climate change is irreversible.

The Secretary-General expects that Trump is a wise decision, 'but he's still a few things will clarify the Republican in a personal conversation. 'As the future president, I assume that he will understand the problem, he will listen and will eventually change their minds. '

Trump, who believes that climate change is a hoax, recently announced that he within a year after taking office wants to pull the plug from the agreement because he believes that climate change is a lie. As he said during his campaign that he climate agreement in which almost 200 countries have agreed on the reduction of greenhouse gases, rather lose than be rich.

The Environment Agency of the United Nations had recently been awarded just know it did not go far enough targets in the climate agreement. According to the agency CO2 emissions must be reduced by a further one-quarter extra.

Paris Agreement

The states whose signature adorns under the Convention commit themselves to limit global warming to 2 degrees; a maximum of 1.5 degrees is the aim. The instruments for this purpose to all of reducing emissions of various greenhouse gases. Between 2050 and 2070 require the burning of coal, oil and ash have so far limited that global warming actually does not exceed 2 degrees.

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