UN noted misdeeds gamecocks Yemen

World August 4, 2016 20:21

- Both warring parties in Yemen violate international law. The Houthi rebels use civilians as human shields and Saudi Arabia and its allies have bombed civilian homes among others, conclude the authors of a confidential report by the United Nations.

The report, prepared by the observers who monitor the UN-imposed sanctions Yemen, describing the past six months. Both Shiite insurgents and the forces of the Yemeni government and the pro-government coalition of Sunni Gulf states were guilty of wrongdoing, is concluded.

Saudi Arabia investigated after great international pressure several air raids on markets and other civilian targets, but concluded that they were justified because there is ceased armed fighters.
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Islamic State has strengthened in Yemen and possibly heading off a power struggle with the department of al-Qaeda in the country, write the rapporteurs.

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