Ukraine: last week more cyber attacks

World November 2, 2017 16:42

kiev -

The ransomware attack was performed with software called Bad Rabbit. He especially met Russia, but also Ukraine. That country has had many cyber attacks over the years.

Possibly Bad Rabbit was a diversion maneuver. Police chief Sergei Demedjoek says that there is more and more 'an open, immediate evident attack, under which a hidden, well-planned attack is underway, which nobody is paying attention to. 'Ukraine assumes that the open attack by Bad Rabbit and the possible hidden attack were carried out by the same perpetrators.

In June Ukraine was hit by other hostage software, NotPetya. It also spread to the Netherlands. Since June Ukraine has expelled five other major cyber attacks, says Demedjoek. He does not want to say who those attacks were aimed at.

NotPetya could also be a shame. Thus it is striking that the required ransom, although quite low, was not payable. The perpetrators were unreachable, as they usually do everything to allow victims to pay, to deploy helpdesks. Presumably, the makers have secretly called back doors installed in the affected systems. These are backdoors with which they can access unprecedented access later. The attackers have also used those open doors, say Demedjoek, but it is not known how.

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