Ukraine enforces alimony with 'wall of shame' list

Ukraine enforces alimony with 'wall of shame' list

World February 6, 2018 12:45

kiev - Ukraine has launched an online register containing 75,000 names of fathers who do not pay the maintenance. With the 'wall of shame' the country wants to enforce that they still pay. Those on the list may not travel abroad unless they pay for six months. In case of an entry on the list, the police may confiscate the vehicle of the person in question.

The Minister of Justice reports that women can use the system to check if a man is in the system before they start a relationship. The Minister also makes an appeal to the business community to consult the register in their search for potential business partners.

There are also women on the list.

The country would have looked for the approach to the United States. In the US, national and local authorities deal with this problem in a similar way. In Arizona the name, photo and the due amount of parents is published.

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