UKIP ticks May at the fingertips after attack

UKIP ticks May at the fingertips after attack

World May 25, 2017 16:09

london - After the attack in Manchester, the UK UKIP party has launched the attack on Prime Minister Theresa May. Party leader Paul Nuttall pointed out that cuts on security services were carried out while May was Minister of Home Affairs.

'We have seen a decrease in the number of agents, the amount of money that the security service and the number of soldiers receive,' summoned the UKIP leader on Thursday. 'It's time to go back to our minds. '

The UK Independence Party was one of the driving forces behind the brexit referendum, but has since struggled with an identity crisis. The party wants to prohibit the boerka, for example, and advocates a strict migration policy.

Nuttall thinks his party has another role to play. He wants to prevent May from being toiled in the negotiations with the EU. It is still unclear how likely the party is in the parliamentary elections. UKIP received about 13 percent of the votes in 2015, but only one seat was provided by the district system.

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