Uber makes way for homeless robot car

Uber makes way for homeless robot car

Tech December 23, 2016 08:03

san francisco - A security company that works for Uber San Francisco on behalf of the technology cleared a camp that was set up near the garage for self-propelled cars Uber in the American city. In the dozen tents were under an overpass, lived thirty homeless.

According to CNET has to include Uber failed to contact the police about the evacuation. The municipality and an organization dedicated to homeless people were not informed. Still, says one of the homeless people who lived in the camp that he had never so neat is sent away somewhere. The guards were in his nice and helpful. He was told that he had a week had time to pack his things. 'They even bought pizzas for us,' he says.

Leading up to the launch of the self-driving car Uber cars after the evacuation of the camp were lined up along the sidewalk, where a week earlier still sleeping homeless.

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