Uber flight from San Francisco

Uber flight from San Francisco

World December 27, 2016 18:12

- Uber has retired its fleet of self-driving taxis in San Francisco. After conflicts with the city of San Francisco taxi app cars are relocated to Arizona.

Since the regulation is more favorable for Uber. The California Department of Motor Vehicles banned journeys of self-propelled taxis last week, a few days after they were officially on the way.

The cars are transported by truck, says Uber. Governor Doug Ducey Arizona has pledged its support to the self-propelled taxi.

San Francisco was given permission to sixteen self-propelled Uber cars. Who need a taxi license. According to Uber works not unlike the Tesla, which is also working on self-driving cars are AutoPilot.

Uber defies according to San Francisco for much longer labor rules and regulations taxi. According to Uber there is always a taxi driver who can intervene at any time in the self-propelled cars.

Therefore would have to attack the Uber cars not covered by the new rules on self-propelled cars in San Francisco and do not need a taxi license.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

The prosecutor of San Francisco has to intervene in Uber warned last week as the group would apply for authorization.

The US state of San Francisco requires companies that produce self-propelled vehicles to be registered, something Alphabet (Google), GM, Baidu, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz have done.

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