UAE took prisoner rape victims

World October 26, 2015 16:20

- Hundreds of women are put annually in the United Arab Emirates in jail after being raped. According to the law must be no sex outside of marriage. Women can get months in prison or lashes because they have been guilty of ' zina ', the BBC reported Monday.

Although in theory both men and women can receive prison for extramarital sex, pregnancy is especially often used as evidence. Official figures are not known, but according to detainees, lawyers and charities are hundreds per year. Especially the 150000 foreign domestic workers in the country are very vulnerable.

A Norwegian woman was arrested in 2013 after she reported rape by a colleague. After international protest, the woman was released. Three years earlier, a British landed behind bars after they had stated that a waiter in Dubai had assaulted her because she had sex with her ​​fiance.

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